Upcoming Retreat: Awakening as Your Unique Self

September 15, 2016

Interested?  Then sign up for the next “Awakening your Unique Self” retreat February 9-12, 2017 being led by Jeff Hilliard & Shelly Reichenbach. Register today

October 6-9, 2016

Tuition: $695

Join Tom and Adael for this remarkable opportunity to clarify your place in the Cosmos!

“Who am I? What is mine to do in this life?”

Regardless of age, station in life, or experience, these questions can haunt us. In this dynamic era, what we thought we knew about these issues can change pretty dramatically, leaving us wondering anew.

In fact, our notion of identity can change from one moment to the next. In one instant, I might feel like I’m fully realizing my purpose, and in the next, I could be lost in confusion or a feeling of hopelessness.

This retreat offers you a profoundly useful spiritual map and practical skills with which you can change your relationship with your core wounding, enrich your understanding of your sacred essence, and recognize what Love calls you to in the world. Through direct teaching, journaling, small group exercises, and individual process work, you will make the journey from the feeling of painful separation to the discovery of the Unique Self that you are, utterly essential to the evolution of Love in the world.

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Adael and Tom are long-time members of the Shalom community, with Tom first showing up on Cattail Road in 1997 and Adael arriving in 2006. They met in the famous 2006 Introduction to Process Training — famous because there were so darned many of us squeezed into the Shalom Room! The two were married in 2012 in the Shalom Mountain Pavillion, and now live in Tucson. Even across the miles, though, they love coming back to Cattail Road.

Both have deep and broad experience in the process leadership world, and both have been leading Shalom Retreats on and off the mountain for years. You can read more about both here.

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