Upcoming Wisdom School: Loving Your Way to Enlightenment

September 19, 2016

Loving Your Way to Enlightenment: The Path of Outrageous Love

With Marc Gafni

Assisted by Kristina Kincaid, Jeff Hilliard, and Shelly Reichenbach

November 3-6

Tuition: $750 – register

This weekend is about the search for the beloved. It is about falling in love with the divine, your beloved and everything else. (See here for a more detailed description of this Wisdom School).

“We live in a world of outrageous pain. The only response to outrageous pain is outrageous love.” –Marc Gafni

What you want in your deepest source is not ordinary love. It is not an ordinary relationship with reality or with the beloved, divine or human.  What you want in your deepest essence is Outrageous Love. You want to live an extraordinary life.  Do not settle for anything less!

One direct and highly practical inquiry will sit at the core of all of our sacred play this weekend!  What does it take to be “lived as love” as the inner quality of your daily life? But not just as ordinary love. Not tepid love.  Outrageous Love!

During this weekend, we invite you to a level of practice, insight, and aliveness, which can potentially transform the rest of your life.  At the core of the whole thing is one practice. Loving Your Way to Enlightenment. Enlightenment doesn’t require heavy effort and asceticism. Enlightenment only requires that you choose love in all circumstances. Making this simple insight alive and real in your life is the change that changes everything. Something deep within us recognized that this is the secret.

shalom_march2013-225x300But you can’t just decide to love. You need to find out how to ignite love in yourself. You need to learn the great practices for arousing love. To learn the way of the outrageous lover you need a “users guide to love”.

There are three faces of love.

There are three levels of love.

There are three verbs of love.

There are three languages of love.

These are the four quadrants in your love map integrated from the great mystical traditions as well as from the deepest insights of modern science and psychology.

And you need a way to keep igniting your love core—through meditation, through chant, through contemplation, and through “outrageous acts of love” that change not only your relationships, but you yourself.  That’s what this weekend is about.

This weekend, we’ll open the doors- together –  to the experience of outrageous love.

 You will learn The Ten Principles of Outrageous Love.   

These laws will teach you the tools of practical enlightenment and give you a direct experience of enlightenment:

How to ignite the experience of outrageous love within yourself.

How to access the different qualities of outrageous love, including:

  • Outrageous love as radical perception
  • Outrageous love as radical activism
  • Outrageous love as quivering tenderness
  • Outrageous love as radical self challenge
  • Outrageous love as radical  self- acceptance,
  • Outrageous love as artistic self creation
  • Outrageous love as awakened imagination

A set of powerful insights, meditative transmission, and the practices we’ve created together will make this weekend a profound experience of aliveness, joy and transformation.

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Marc GafniMarc Gafni is the co-Founder of the Center for Integral Wisdom. He is a lineage holder in one of the great wisdom traditions, and is the originator of Unique Self theory. He is also the source of leading-edge new Dharma around Evolutionary Relationships, Pleasure, Sacred Activism, Heart Intelligence, Soul Prints, the Erotic and the Holy, Unique Gender, Success 3.0, Unique Self Symphony, and the next edge of personal awakening and transformation.

kristina-kincaidcropped-300x300-300x300Kristina Kincaid is the Director of Integral of Evolutionary Tantra Institute in New York City. Kristina is scholar for the Center for Integral Wisdom and a member of the Board of Directors. She holds an M.A. in Energy Medicine and a Doctorate in Theology from Holos University. A graduate of the Institute of Core Energetics and the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, she also holds a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Texas, Austin.

Jeff Hilliard is a counselor and retreat leader whose work with people is shaped by years of teaching and making art. He has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and works as a therapist in a community mental health agency in Boston. Part of the Shalom community since 1987, Jeff has trained extensively in Shalom Process, including six months living at the Mountain.

kristina-kincaidcropped-300x300-300x300Shelly Reichenbach believes wholly in moving through the world with an open heart and has an insatiable curiosity for divine unfolding in community. She trained at Theravision Institute of Boston in the use of story to weave together the psychological and spiritual realms, has been a long time student of yoga.  Shelly has been a frequent leader on Shalom Mountain since completing the Shalom Retreat™ Leadership Training while interning at the Mountain.

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