Retreat Leaders

The leaders of Shalom Mountain retreats bring to their work a high degree of expertise from the fields of psychology, theology, education, medicine and business. They are process leaders, skilled in following and facilitating process rather than providing answers for others. They believe in the power of individual and global transformation.

  Adael Bullock is an advocate, practitioner and leader of transformational, embodied processes which are rooted in the conscious evolution of loving.   Weaving her many years of training in Shalom Process with 10 years as a group therapist, she is passionately committed to helping people explore, embrace, and live from their full unique essence.  Certified as a Unique Self Coach™ in 2015,  her shamanic training,  and lifelong connection to Spirit and Nature inform her coaching, leading, and loving.
  Alex York is a process facilitator who is committed to bringing the skills and principles of loving to young adults and teens. He has trained at Shalom Mountain Retreat Center, completing the Intro Training, the SRLT, and the Internship. A recent graduate of Hampshire College, he studied mysticism, theology, and the anthropology of religion. Alex’s passion is with the concept of spirituality within Shalom Process and the universal truth of sacredness inherent in human community.
  Carrie Jameson is a retreat leader and licensed counselor with a practice in Chicago, IL. She has a Master’s in Counseling Psychology with a trauma concentration. She has extensively trained in the Shalom Process including completing a residential internship in 2009. Carrie is passionate about the power of healing old wounds to allow people to create new, more fulfilling lives and relationships.
  Cristian Graca is a retreat leader, coach, Tantra teacher and body-worker and brings many other skills. Having lived in many countries, he understands how culture influences us but that home is where we find our soul. He has found no profession or passion more important than our personal evolution.  Having completed numerous trainings, Cristian believes that the tools he has gathered are there for each of us to find our own answers.
  Deborah Owens is a Certified Ontological Coach in private practice who also designs and facilitates group processes. Her work and life are informed by Tantra.
  Jezebel James holds a B.A. in Psychology and went on to graduate from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. She is an ordained Interfaith Minister and enjoys being able to pull from a variety of spiritual beliefs and traditions. She has completed several Shalom training programs including Introduction to Process Training and Shalom Retreat Leadership Training. She thrives on helping others to use the wisdom of their bodies to fi nd their unique gifts and live an authentic life..
  Jeff Hilliard is a counselor and retreat leader whose work with people is shaped by years of teaching and making art. He has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and works as a therapist in a community mental health agency in Boston. Part of the Shalom community since 1987, Jeff has trained extensively in Shalom Process, including six months living at the Mountain. Faithful to his own spiritual unfolding, Jeff holds a particular love for helping people awaken and integrate their psychological and spiritual lives.
  Joe Weston is an international workshop facilitator, author, consultant, personal life coach, creative social activist, and advocate for peace. His book, Mastering Respectful Confrontation, is selling throughout the world. Joe brings a wealth of insight to his work based on many teachings, including Tai Chi Chuan and other martial arts, Tibetan Buddhism, Taoist healing/alchemy, mindfulness and a variety of ancient traditions—plus his experience in theater and organizational training, to create a unique style of training and coaching that combines theory with somatic exercises.
  John Bottone is a NYS licensed mental health counselor with a privatepractice on Long Island and in New York City. He is certified in Gestalt psychotherapy and Internal Family Systems therapy. He attended his first Shalom Retreat™ in 1988 and has been leading Shalom Retreats™ for over 15 years. He is fascinated by the nature and evolution of consciousness and committed to the awakening process in his own life.
  Jon Terrell is a gifted intuitive, psychotherapist, energy healer, meditation teacher and retreat leader. He is an ordained minister, certified somatic therapist, mental health counselor and licensed massage therapist. Jon was president and training director of the School of Actualism where he started one of the first integral health centers in the US. He is a core faculty member of the Omega Institute and has led Shalom Retreats™ in California, Massachusetts and New York since 2001.
  Joy Davey is a psychologist, Jungian analyst and retreat leader. Since leaving the leadership of Shalom Mountain, she has focused her curious mind and loving heart on the celebration of aging. Her passion for life and spiritual journey now moves in a profound YES, a deep stillness at her core, and an inner smile of recognition and generosity at the perfection of life unfolding. She lives on the edge of a northern lake with her life partner, Lawrence.
  Kai Carol Jud is a Core Energetics therapist who founded the Institute of Process Therapy in 1988. She was in private psychotherapy practice and facilitated Shalom Retreats for almost twenty years before setting out on the road with her husband Chris for seven years, connecting with sacred sites on the planet, spiritual leaders and lightworkers. Chris died in 2012, bringing her into deeper experience of the death, dying and grieving process.
  Lawrence Stibbards after many years of living life out loud as a minister, therapist and retreat leader, is exploring inner silence, through meditation and reading, opening to new friends, and the simple pleasures of life with his beloved partner, Joy.   He is finding stillness in the present moment, viewed from the perspective of whimsical curiosity about this thing called aging.
  LJ Wooden, CCEP is a process leader who is deeply committed to the Principles and Skills of Loving. They have trained extensively at Shalom Mountain Retreat and Study Center, the Body Electric School, and as a massage therapist. LJ’s passion is with the Sacred Sexual connection and the journey to God. In addition to leading retreats on Shalom Mountain, LJ leads retreats across Canada and the USA.
  Marc Gafni, D.Phil. is an Oxford educated  philosopher, public intellectual and wisdom teacher.  He is Scholar-in-Residence and Director of the Center for World Spirituality and has authored eight books including the national best seller Soul Prints, and The Mystery of Love, an exploration of the relationship between the erotic and the sacred. His newest books are Your Unique Self and Radical Kabbalah.
  Michael Lennox is a psychologist, astrologer and expert in dreams and dream interpretation. His broad knowledge in various spiritual disciplines comes from a lifetime of personal study as well as an MA and Doctorate in Psychology. He is the author of Dream Sight and Llewellyn’s Complete Dictionary of Dreams. His popular website and blog at is read by thousands of people every month. In addition to leading retreats and workshops nationally, he lives and conducts a world-wide practice in Los Angeles.
  Nance McGee, now serving as Shalom’s Executive Director, is a body-centered, process-oriented therapist in private practice and has led retreats and workshops at Shalom Mountain and in communities in the U.S. and abroad. Nance has extensive experience working with addictions recovery, family systems and has specialized training in the healing of complex trauma (Somatic Experiencing). She is passionate about the power of loving community, the joy of being a woman and in deepening the journey to God.
  Nina Swift is a process leader and energy worker in private practice who is passionate about the soul’s journey to embodiment. She is a seminary graduate who has trained at Shalom Mountain, the Process Therapy Institute in New York and the Crossroads Institute in Michigan.
  Robert Szczepanski is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) with a private practice in West Hartford, CT. He found his way to Shalom during his own journey of personal growth and as he received the gifts of Shalom process work, he felt deeply inspired to share it with others. Robert has a special interest in somatic and expressive therapies and has received training in various body-centered modalities.
  Dr. Rudy Ballentine is a tantric master who studied under the guidance of Swami Rama for 20 years. The former President of the Himalayan Institute, he has been training teachers in the ancient yogic wisdom of Tantra for many years. He has published many books, including Kali Rising and Radical Healing. He currently lives at his own ashram, Dancing Shiva, which is part of an eco-village nestled in the mountains of North Carolina.
  Sana Wrigley is a process facilitator who believes deeply in the power of embodiment. She has completed the Introduction to Process training and Shalom Retreat Leadership Training at Shalom Mountain and is currently completing her undergraduate degree at Goddard College, exploring the intertwining of Tantric principles, psychology, and memoir as a medium for healing and wholeness. She is passionate about developing exquisite consciousness in joy-full incarnation.
  Sandie Rumold is a certified Core Energetics therapist and seasoned educator. She has trained in the Shalom process, EFT and Reiki. Sandie is deeply invested in the path of healing that comes from the body, mind, energy connection. Sandie has a private practice, leads Women’s work, Shalom Retreats™ and Couples’ process work along with her husband Gerry. She is committed to living fully and consciously.
  Shelly Reichenbach believes wholly in moving through the world with an open heart and has an insatiable curiosity for divine unfolding in community. She trained at Theravision Institute of Boston in the use of story to weave together the psychological and spiritual realms, has been a long time student of yoga and completed the Shalom Retreat™ Leadership Training while interning at the Mountain. Holding fiercely the truth that All is Well, she calls all people to live into their fullest expression.
  Tom Goddard holds a PhD in psychology and is President and CEO of The Integral Company, providing counseling and management consulting services. A member of the Shalom community since 1997, Tom is also a cofounder of the Community for Spiritual Living, a local Shalom community in Washington, DC.  He lived for a number of years on Cattail Road as an active member of the Shalom residential community and now lives in the desert in Arizona.
  Vyana Bergen is an ordained UCC minister and experienced therapist. She leads retreats and trainings at Shalom Mountain, including Shalom Retreats™, training in Tantric principles and Sacred Sexuality retreats. She has a private practice in individual counseling and spiritual development. She is passionate about releasing life energy for the healing of both the individual and the earth.