Shalom Mountain, Inc. Board of Directors

In 2011 the charitable work of Friends of Shalom Mountain was combined with the work of Shalom Mountain Retreat and Study Center under one not-for-profit 501(c)(3), Shalom Mountain, Inc. (“SMI”). The SMI Board of Directors has expanded to 7 individuals representing the Shalom community: Tom Goddard, Dianne Weisselberg, Steven Ferrao, Kathy (Alleluia Grace) Perrego, Kai Jud, Jean “Gino” Miele, and Joanne Porzio are the current Board. The Board brings with it tremendous talent, passion and dedication for the transformational work of Shalom Mountain.

As officers of SMI, the Board of Directors creates policy and provides governance support for the Mountain, including the Executive Council. This 7-member Board is responsible for hearing and articulating the voice of the community and is committed to fiercely holding the space for our community’s unfolding.


2015-11smiShalomBodEcGb_242TomGoddardTom Goddard, Chairman

BA, University of Arizona, Political Science; JD, University of Arizona; MS and PhD, George Mason University, Psychology.

I first came to Shalom Mountain in 1997, and live across the street from the retreat center with Adael Bullock, whom I married in the Shalom pavilion in 2012. We both participate in Shalom as retreat leaders, retreat participants, and volunteers, working diligently to sustain our spiritual home. Our two sons, Julian and Dustin, both music students at Shenandoah University Conservatory, also are long-time members of the Shalom community.

I am the CEO of a small management consulting firm, Integral Healthcare Solutions, which I founded in 2002. We specialize in helping health care organizations with quality management, accreditation, and compliance issues.

I’m deeply honored to serve on the Shalom Board of Directors. My service on the Board allows me to merge my passionate commitment to the “graduate school of Love,” as I like to call Shalom, with my decades of experience with the governance of not-for-profit organizations.

2015-11smiShalomBodEcGb_277KaiCarolJudKai Jud

In this time of massive change on the planet, Shalom Mountain has a special calling to be a community of love and healing. I have been a part of Shalom from the beginning, leading retreats and attending events over the years. I am deeply grateful that Shalom has been such an important part of my own journey and learning.

My travels over the last ten years have made it clear to me that Shalom is a precious resource. There is nothing like it anywhere and the Training in the Art of Loving that Shalom offers is an important gift to the planet.

As a board member, I look forward to helping us remember our roots and lineage in the Shalom process while at the same time finding new ways for Shalom to be on the cutting edge of the culture. I am honored to be a part of Shalom’s next chapter.

2015-11smiShalomBodEcGb_281SteveFerraoStephen Ferrao, Treasurer

I’ve been a member of the Shalom community since 1995, when I was 8 and brought to Shalom by my parents, Margie and Joe. I graduated from Montclair State University with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance. In April 2013, I became a Certified Public Accountant, and am now a practicing accountant in New Jersey. The loving community of Shalom is what keeps me coming back, again and again. Shalom is a second home for me, one in which I feel connected to the land and the people. I don’t get that anywhere else in my life. This is why I serve on this Board. It is important to me.

2015-11smiShalomBodEcGb_304AlleluiaGracePerregoV3Kathy Perrego (Alleluia Grace)

I am a board-certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience, an Interfaith Minister, a Reiki Master and an Ignite Your Spirit Therapist. I have dedicated my life to supporting people to live in harmony with themselves, to experience well-being, and to fully express their unique gifts in the world. When evaluating and treating my patients in my private practice, I work from a holistic perspective, considering lifestyle and medical factors, psychological dynamics, as well as spiritual and energetic considerations.

A former Clinical Director of a Residential Treatment Program for children, I have creative envisioning and problem-solving abilities, a depth of experience with program development, organizational skills, and the tenacity to work through challenges.

I graduated with a degree in Nutritional Biochemistry from Cornell University and received my medical doctorate from Cornell University Medical College. I completed my adult psychiatry residency at Mt. Sinai Hospital and my child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital-McLean Hospital. Additionally, I am a Certified Group Psychotherapist, a Shalom Retreat Leadership Training graduate, and an ordained Interfaith Minister (The New Seminary).

2015-11smiShalomBodEcGb_174DianneWeisselbergDianne Weisselberg

BA Ramapo College of New Jersey, Comparative Literature; MSW Clinical Social Work, New York University School of Social Work; Licensed Master Social Worker, New York State; Certified Chakra Therapist, Sacred Centers; Reiki Master; Belief Closet Practitioner.

A Spiritual Healer, Chakra Therapist and lifelong journeyer, I have lived, worked, led, learned and loved at Shalom since my first retreat in 1997. In 1998 I began studying Shalom Process, and from 1999 – 2000 I lived at Shalom as an intern and resident. From 2006-2009 I ran the kitchen and served as Cook’s Liaison. My studies at Shalom included Process Therapy, Retreat Leadership, Couple’s Work, Dream Work, and multiple advanced trainings series.

I currently live in Woodstock, NY. I am the owner and resident healer of Namaste Sacred Healing Center, where I serve as Priestess and offer Spiritual and Emotional healing drawing on Shalom Process, Energy work, Chakra Therapy, and the psychological and shamanic influences in my background.

Since the beginning, Shalom has walked with me like a sister through my journeys, helping me to understand, deepen, expand and evolve my understanding of myself, this life and my place in it. In 2001, my world cracked open with the untimely death of my husband, Jonathan Harelick. I have no doubt that the love and support of this place and community were what helped me survive and find meaning in that tragedy. Since then, Shalom Mountain has enlarged, transformed and saved my life many times. This is where I learned to believe in magic again.

I am deeply honored to again serve this community. To serve on the board is a delightful gift and honor, to be part of the vision for the future as we evolve Love together. To that vision I bring a great capacity for love and possibility, a gift for synthesis and creative thought, well-honed skills in listening and holding multiple voices with reverence, and a deep awe of the magic that happens when a group of people come together in dialogue.

2014-11SMI-BOD-EC_146s2kJean “Gino” Miele

BA, Columbia University, East Asian Language and Culture/Japanese Art History. Also: Oberlin College, Stuyvesant High School in New York City.

My first Shalom Retreat was in 1989. There hasn’t been a day since then that I haven’t been grateful to be part of the vibrant community that is Shalom, and for the “training in the art of loving” offered on the Mountain. There were years when simply knowing Shalom existed gave me what I needed to carry on. It is a great pleasure, and a comfort to me, to know more and more people are leading Shalom Retreats, and that there is a robust and ever-expanding curriculum being offered at Cattail Road, and beyond.

Serving on the Board is one way I choose to contribute to the global shift in consciousness happening at this very moment. Another way is by being as intentionally loving a husband, stepfather, son, stepson, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, and friend as I can. I consciously integrate the skills and principles of loving into the photographic workshops I lead, and the dharma-talks (thinly disguised as photo-lectures) I deliver in my role as an artist and photo-educator. I relish the fact that making my living as a photographer provides opportunities to invite people to envision the best in things, to see that transformation is possible, and to recognize that seeing is an act of creation. We are all active participants in the creation of our reality – individually and collectively.

Now, more than ever, I believe it is possible for all of us – every single person on the planet – to be conscious, loving, and fully alive. Shalom Mountain is a critical part of this global work, as is each and every one of us. Helping people remember the beautiful truth of who they (we!) are is the most important work there is. Everything is an unfolding, an evolution. Shalom Mountain has helped immeasurably in the unfolding of my own personal growth, and in helping me be ever-present to the awareness that my truth is not The Truth. It is my privilege to contribute to the continuing unfolding and expansion of Shalom. After all, there is no “them,” only us. We are Shalom, and it’s up to each of us to be the change we want to see in the world.

Ben WildBen Wild

I am deeply committed to the work of Shalom Mountain. That is to say I am deeply committed to the love that Shalom Mountain brings to the world. My time at the mountain has awakened parts of me that I did not know existed. I entered with 5 senses and I feel like I gain one more each time I visit.

I have observed Shalom’s leadership team engage and support the community. More recently, I have been amazed to witness the strict governance that works behind the scenes to ensure a sustainable and vivacious future for Shalom. Throughout my 15 years of corporate work, I worked closely with Fortune 50 executives and boards of directors where governance is meticulously studied and refined. I can proudly report that my predecessors on the board have erected a strong backbone of loving oversight that will carry Shalom for many decades to come.

Outside of Shalom, my personal calling is to bring the gifts of community and experiential education to high school students. The support of a loving community, like we experience at Shalom, is never more critical in a person’s life than in their adolescent years. This gift was given to me at that age and it has expanded my life ever since.

My work in education and at Shalom is driven by my desire to allow others to experience these gifts that have been given to me.