Shalom Mountain is committed to the training and examination of the psychological and theological principles that underlie the process of transformation. The Introductory Training has benefited many different groups of people who are involved in counseling or spiritual direction as well as others in such diverse fields as business, education and health care. The practice of intentional loving can become a lifestyle informing all of who we are and what we do in the world. We invite you to look over our offerings.

Training in the Art of Loving: For many years people who long to deepen their understanding and facility with the inner workings of the Shalom Process have gathered for the Introduction to Shalom Process Training. Now with a new name, Training in the Art of Loving, this six-session training continues to offer people systematic instruction and exploration in the core practices and frameworks of Shalom Process. This training is primarily a deep dive into the growth-provoking and heart-opening power of community, with a focus on individual identity and our unique opportunities to love well and broadly in our lives.

Power versus Violence: What would it be like if we all were to live truly from our power? If we were to decline the inner violence of our minds and step into authentic flow? If we could allow our creative, loving juice to lead each moment of our lives? We could live in the magic of a paradigm where the Goddess (Shakti) moves and leads, rather than being dismissed and disowned. We could change the world.

The entrenched patterns of violence in the world leave us feeling powerless and overwhelmed. We want close our eyes to the destructive forces that make up the fabric of our culture. But when we align with our true power rather than our fear, we can move from violence into divine flow. This three-part course is an opportunity to master the skill of discerning between power and violence. Join us for a deep dive into community, collaboration and consciousness. Interviews required for participation.

Internships: Six month Internships are offered at Shalom Mountain. The Internship is a residential experience in which the individual is immersed in the Shalom Process. The experience includes a practicum centering around the ongoing management of a retreat center, weekly individual and group supervision, participation in didactic and clinical sessions, leadership of retreats, exploration of one’s own life dream and its development, and, perhaps biggest of all, the learning to live and work with mystical aplomb and an open heart.