Couples’ Retreat Invitation

February 27, 2017

Dear couples,

Gerry and I are inviting you to join us for the Shalom Couples’ Retreat the weekend of March 9th through the 12th. This retreat offers a time for couples to bring all the parts of relationship to the table to do the deep exploration of what is working, what needs to shift, what needs to be left behind, and what we long to bring.

A fact that we all know, as committed couples in the world, is that the breathless, beautiful early phase of relationship, the eros stage, does not last. There are too many reasons to name here as to why that is, but it is the reality.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.45.54 PMAs it falls away, we are asked to look at ourselves and each other to explore who we are, authentically, and what our commitments and our dreams might look like for our next years together. We can no longer pretend that we are characters in the fairy tale that simply drift into the promise of “happily ever after”. We now have to bring more. The good news is that as we take the risk of going deeper and living more honestly together, we are building intimacy. And as the intimacy strengthens, it somehow magically brings us to a different entry point to eros.

This Couples’ weekend is a time to explore, to be bold, to look clearly at who you are together, all within the container of other committed couples doing the same. It is affirming to know that most relationships experience similar joys and “highs” along with the crazy and the messiness, and that we are all on a mysterious couples’ journey together! Those of you who know us, know our history and our absolute belief that we could not have come to where we are today without the commitment, love, and support of each other and of the couples we have been blessed to do our work with over the years.

So, we invite you to come dive deep, laugh and cry, eat well, and dance, and create a richer, closer, sexier partnership. If you have any questions, feel free to call Sandie at 845-401- 9537 or Gerry at 914-582- 3831. To register, contact Shalom Mountain 845-482- 5421 or click here.

Sending love and blessings,

Sandie and Gerry

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