Erotic Partnership Retreat Invitation: Jeff Hilliard

March 29, 2017

Around the Mountain you can hear people say, “If you stay in relationship long enough, eventually you get to play all the parts,” which is a way of recognizing that in on-going partnership we get the passion and the funk, the delight and the dulled.

Shelly and I have been together for 12 years now, and the last 9 months have worked us hard. As I feel the demand and sandpapery-ness lifting (hallelujah!), I see that through this scratchy ride I’ve been having the the most passionate and intimate sex of my life. How can this be?

It’s because we have received and integrated the possibility of sexual intimacy as spiritual practice. The structure, skills, trust and intention for making love as temple practice serves us both when we’re thrilled to be with each other and when we’re slogging through a season of rough relational recalibration.

We’d love to pass along the gift. The Erotic Partnership retreat is guidance in how to enter erotic connection in order to find each other and how to use the heat of pleasure to open your hearts and bodies, and how to risk staying in the sweet vulnerability.

Jeff Hilliard

Erotic Partnership A Sacred Sexuality Retreat for Couples
Would you like to:
– Explore new ways to enliven and deepen your relationship?
– Learn new sexual skills in how to be with your partner?
– Strengthen the depth of the intimacy in your marriage?
– Gain wisdom in how to love each other body and soul?
Erotic Partnership is a four-day retreat where you will learn how to set up sacred time and space for you and your partner to enter the gates of love and intimacy through sexual union. These ancient Tantric practices include active listening, breath work, ritual, fullness of presence, erotic massage and open hearted love-making. Couples will have the opportunity to learn these skills and then practice with each other in private during the weekend. Couples will also have time to share their learnings and questions in community, and receive supportive guidance from the leaders. As you witness other couples in hearing their successes and challenges, you will gain insights for your own relationship. When you deepen the passion, pleasure and intimacy of your sexual relationship, you will renew the energy available for the day-to-day challenges of your life together. A vibrant erotic partnership can offer tremendous support to all the other aspects of your life – parenting, tending to a household, working in the world, and engaging in your spiritual journey. Maybe it’s time to take the next step in strengthening your relationship, with a loving community of couples to open your hearts and expand your minds in ways that you never imagined.
Cost: $1500 per couple, includes room and board and all programming
Click here to register.
About the leadership:
Shelly Reichenbach & Jeff Hilliard are dedicated to teaching the skills of love and eros, as a direct expression of their marriage. Part of their practice is leading retreats for couples that awaken pleasure, compassion, and spiritual intimacy. Shelly’s roots are in yoga and facilitating group process. Jeff works as a counselor and regularly leads Shalom Retreats.
Cristian Graca & Vyana Bergen have been practicing the art of living Tantra for eight years. They teach workshops in sacred sexuality and Shalom process, as well as offer private Tantric coaching for individuals and couples. They are conscious stewards of the land and temple in which they live and together are committed to evolve as outrageous lovers in the world.

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