Shalom Couple’s Retreat: An Invitation

September 26, 2017

When we recite our vows perhaps we should say, “I take you as my pain in the rear, with all your history and baggage, and I take responsibility for all prior injustices you endured at the hands of those I never knew, because you are now in my care.”

Stan Tatkin, Wired For Love

Dear Folks,

I have been pondering these profound sentences since I first read them several years ago. The author has stated so clearly what we are signing on for as we declare ourselves a committed couple. As ridiculous as it is, in this technologically advanced society we are a part of, not much has been shifted in the concepts of commitment and marriage. We still enter in believing the impossible fairy tale promise of “happily ever after.” Somehow, without attention and intention, the union should be healthy and easy forevermore. The truth is, as you in relationship know, we all come with our histories, stories, belief systems, and expectations. And these are inevitably quite different from our partner’s! So, the dilemma begins and so it continues. If we are not going to be “enlightened” to this truth before the relationship becomes serious, then we have to get to work within it!

Shalom Couple’s Retreats offer an opportunity to do just that. Within the loving community of other committed couples on the journey, there is an opportunity to open up to recognize all the beauty of what has brought you together, as well as the “not so beautiful” that is not working at all. Together, we delve into patterns that have been created, consciously and not so consciously, that need to be deconstructed and reconstructed so that we can become creators of a more loving, passionate, and compassionate partnership. If we could all practice what is written in the quote above, we would have the initial tools to work with all that arises when two people commit to becoming a couple.

Gerry and I invite you to join us for the Shalom Couple’s Retreat the weekend of October 19th to 22nd. We will gather to eat well, dance, cry together, work hard, laugh hard, and remember why it is, we chose our beloved . Hope you’ll join us!

With love,
Sandie and Gerry

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