The Spirit of Recovery

At its core, addiction is rooted in a spiritual vacuum created by wounding that we seek to fill or medicate with drugs, alcohol, food, sex, shopping, etc. Although temporarily masking our internal needs and abilities to thrive, these behaviors and substances begin to consume us and also deaden our aliveness. Shalom Skills and Principles of Loving and active Recovery have always gone hand in hand because they both provide the opportunity for healing our brokenness and wounding and bring about the possibility of transformation. At Shalom Mountain, 30-40% of our community attends Shalom Retreats™ as a way of continuing their personal growth and spiritual healing after recovery. On the wall of the Shalom room directly across from the Skills and Principles of Loving is the Day Top drug treatment philosophy: “Finally we are here because there is no refuge from ourselves”. At Shalom we can share all of our story’s experiences, strengths and hopes, and be witnessed in a loving container where we learn to love and forgive ourselves and others, thereby healing ourselves in fellowship and expanding our community.