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Deep Gratitude for a Successful Campaign
Feels Like Home

Hospitality is Creating a Space Where Growth Can Take Place

In our Shalom community, we each have our individual talents to express and our unique roles to play. In order to evolve, Shalom needs to lean into our community and draw from the tremendous wealth of resources we all have to offer.

Why give?

When we fully engage with life with an open, loving heart, generosity flows… This is a universal truth. When we give, our generosity not only feeds those directly receiving it, but also feeds ourselves… energetically sourcing our lives.

How to give

Shalom Mountain, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt organization which depends on support from the community for program development and training, tuition assistance, and building an endowment that sustains the long-term viability of Shalom Mountain. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Tax ID #14-1772235.

Become a Faithful Friend

Become a Faithful Friend. Faithful Friends are friends of Shalom Mountain who have committed to making regular financial contributions. This commitment provides regular, ongoing support for programs such as those described above. Please consider joining our generous community of Faithful Friends who support and extend the work of Shalom Mountain.

To become a Faithful Friend, complete and sign this form and return it to Shalom Mountain, Inc via e-mail, fax or postal mail. You can also become a Faithful Friend using the online form below:

One Time Donation

Please help us do more by giving today.



Tribute Giving

Honor those you care about and support Shalom by participating in the Tribute program.

You can do this by making gifts made in honor of a loved one to celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, the birth of a child, or in memory of a life, as sincere reminders to friends or family members of how much you care. Or, perhaps you can ask for contributions to Shalom in lieu of gifts when you are celebrating a special anniversary or other important life event.

Tribute gifts are a truly meaningful and beautiful acknowledgment of a loved one, be it a person, pet or community. These gifts are also a blessing to the many people who have been and continue to be touched by the inspiration and healing provided by Shalom and its work and can help introduce new individuals to the Mountain.

It’s easy to honor someone or something you love! Make a gift online, or print this form and complete and send to Shalom Mountain. Your loved ones will be sent a card letting them know a gift has been given (amount of gift not shared) and that they will be celebrated or their loved one will be remembered, via a listing in the next Mountain Matters published after the gift is made.

Human Talent Initiative

Why Volunteer your unique talents?

For yourself: When you say “Yes” to a taking up your full role in our community, you consciously open yourself to reaping the benefits of deep engagement in Shalom’s intentional, loving community. You open yourself to deeper love, deeper connection and deeper participation in the unfolding of yourself and Shalom Mountain.

For Shalom: Shalom Mountain needs several dedicated community members with specific talents/skill sets in order to thrive.

More about volunteering and current positions.

Work Weekends

The Mountain hosts three work weekends (April, Memorial Day, and Labor Day) each year where community members gather to work together in repairing and maintaining the facilities and grounds. These weekends are a time for work, fun, and community building. Join us if you can, there’s always plenty to do!