About Us

Shalom Mountain exists to call people to be conscious, loving and fully alive.

We are committed to individual and global transformation through the creation of intentionally loving community.

Shalom Mountain, a non-denominational non-profit organization, offers a broad range of year-round events and retreats, including our signature “Shalom Retreats,” which are an opportunity for deep, personal, transformational work in the context of an intentional, loving community.

Shalom Retreats™ were developed in 1969 as a process for exploring the transformative power of loving community. Shalom Sacred Mountain Retreat Center was founded as a hope structure, calling people to live passionately and with compassion in the world.

The Shalom process is based on the principles of intentional loving. We are a place of empowerment, investing each person to trust the process of his or her own life. We honor all spiritual paths.


We believe in life as journey. Each person must claim his or her own power to be and to act. We seek no disciples and encourage


individuals to become dedicated disciples of their own life, to do the psychological and spiritual work necessary to live fully into the soul’s journey — the path that ultimately returns one to God.